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If roses are red and violets blue, in poetry, what does the word "foot" refer to? Take your knowledge beyond red roses and blue violets in this quiz spanning famous poems, poets, and the mechanics of poetry.

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Out of the highlands of Nepal, the plane drops in its southern course across the great plain of India, the sky and land so vast you can see the earth’s curve crescent-shaped Before it skims above the heads of the old women in the green field just short of the runway in Varanasi by the river Ganges, as they gather twigs to sell in the market, each bent at the waist, arms hanging low, bundles strapped to their backs with long scarves. And I thought, shall we bless the power of these jet engines and the bowed handiwork of the...

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One man’s unspoken inner edge of darkness un-confronted and un-transformed sitting far away in his own fear, like someone looking through the wrong end of a child’s telescope, like someone sitting at the end of an absurdly lengthened table: holds his intimate circle in fear of death and torture, threatens their families, poisons their lives along with his enemies, sews everyone into the straight jacket of immobile fear, then carefully tailors a uniform of death for every single one of his bullied young men to wear. May we see then, in this allegory, as we too, in this time, sit...

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Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up

– By Thomas A. Edison