Have you ever tasted momos (dumplings)? If you have, you know the exact blast of ingredients inside your mouth that fills you up with heavenly flavors!

You can’t love momos and not know about their popularity in Nepal. Before you come to Himalayan Kitchen and order these traditional delicacies, we’ll give you a quick background on why momos taste so good!

Nepal’s most popular food!

‘Momo’ is to Nepal what ‘Pizza’ is to Italy! This bite-sized dumpling is a mandatory menu dish in every cafe, restaurant, and households of the Nepalese community.

Momo is the Mount Everest of foods – the proud symbol of the Himalayan nation.

All thanks to the large community of Nepalese living abroad, this symbolic dish is now popular in other parts of the world as well. And that is how Himalayan Kitchen serves this spoonful of stuffing in the locality of California, USA!

Types of Momos in Himalayan Kitchen

Types of Momos in Himalayan Kitchen

We love momos just like every Nepali all over the world! And we know that many people in the United States love to taste and discover this wonderful addiction. 

With our efforts to grow the momo culture in the States, we serve three rightful flavors of momos with absolute love and authentic flavors!

Chicken Momo

If there is anything that makes cold winters warm, it’s juicy and flavorsome momos filled with tender chicken and spices that salivate your mouth wanting for more!

They are steamed dumplings filled with minced chicken, onion, cilantro, and spices! To enhance the taste of these juicy and steamed momos, we serve them with our secret Himalayan sauce!

Lamb Momo

Once you’ve tasted the flavors of momo, you’ll definitely want to try out the lamb momo! Artistically combining the lamb meat with freshly chopped herbs and spices and then steaming the dumpling to get that perfect mouth-watering plate of lamb momos, an absolute delight!

We are pretty sure this lamb momo will become your favorite lunch option once you eat them our taste-enhancing sauce!

Oh, that sauce, and those hot and juicy momos – you sure will cause us trouble by always asking for more!

Vegetable Momos

If you’re vegan and you think momos aren’t for you, you’re completely missing out on the life experience! If there’s any dish that serves right to all our vegan community, it’s the delicious vegetable momos!

The vegetable momos look pretty similar to other momo siblings, however, they are steamed dumplings with minced cabbage, spinach, cashews nuts, paneer, onion, cilantro, green onions, and spices!

Yummy, right? We feel you!

Oh, and don’t forget the sauce!

If you’re traveling to Nepal, you can easily find the best places to eat momos.

If you’re someone in the United States and you have a craving for momos, you should definitely come to Himalayan Kitchen and taste these lip-smacking momos!